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New York CityNew York City, New York is the most populated city in the United States, with a total population of 8,804,190 residents across more than 300 total square miles according to the 2020 census. Its population also qualifies New York City as one of the world’s most populous megacities and is sometimes described as the capital of the world because of its position as a global leader across a number of major industries and as a center of international diplomacy. New York City comprises five distinct boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The boroughs existed independently until they were consolidated into the city of New York in 1898.

Following the Revolutionary War, New York City was named the first capital of the United States under the newly ratified Constitution, though the capital was later moved to Philadelphia and then later Washington D.C. During its tenure as the capital, George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States, the Bill of Rights was drafted, and both Congress and the Supreme Court assembled for the first time there.

Historically, New York City has been a major entry point for immigrants to the United States. More than 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city in the world, and with a population of as many as 3.2 million people who were born outside of the United States currently living there, it is the city with the largest population of foreign-born residents in the world.

New York City is a global player of commerce and business across a number of major industries, including technology, health care, banking and finance, and more. It’s the location of Wall Street, the headquarters of the United States financial industry, and is sometimes called the capital of the world for its influence in global investing. Tourism is another major industry and welcomes more than 60 million tourists each year as the world’s busiest tourist destination. “I Love New York” is a globally recognized slogan that is trademarked by New York State Empire Development and is famously used on merchandise throughout the city. The song of the same name is also the state song of New York.

Many of the high-profile tourist destinations of New York City are located in the borough of Manhattan, including Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Central Park and more. Also considered one of the leaders in theater, New York City is home to Broadway theater productions, comprised of a group of 41 distinct professional theaters. Tourist destinations of other boroughs include Downtown Flushing, Coney Island, the Bronx Zoo, and the Staten Island Ferry.

The National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer all have their headquarters in New York City. Their two MLB teams are The New York Mets and the New York Yankees; their NFL teams are the New York Giants and the New York Jets; their NFL teams are The New York Rangers, the New York Islanders, and the New Jersey Devils; their NBA teams are the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks; their MLS teams are New York City FC and the New York Red Bulls.


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