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10 Things a Quality Managed Services Provider Would Never Do

When working with a managed services provider, you want an IT partner who will help your business thrive. However, sorting through different companies that offer these services can be challenging. You want a company you can trust to have your business’s best interests at heart. When you have this type of relationship, you can confidently make your IT decisions based on their recommendations and see how far a well-equipped IT system can take you.

A few key red flags can alert you to an MSP that will not work well for your company. Here are 10 signals to watch for that a good MSP will NEVER do.

10 Things a Quality Managed Services Provider Will Never Do

1. Nickel & dime you

A quality MSP would never try to squeeze every last cent out of you. Their primary focus will instead be on helping you get the most out of your IT budget.

2. Aggressively upsell you

A managed services provider makes suggestions based on your business needs. Their top priority is not to sell you the next big product or solution but to construct an internet experience that benefits your business. Therefore, they suggest products and services based on what will help your organization excel.

3. Neglect to take your bottom line into consideration

Your IT provider should also recognize that you must operate on a budget. Even though different products and services might work for you in an ideal world, they understand the importance of monitoring how you use your resources. They can help you prioritize your investments and find an IT setup that lets you get the most out of the technology while keeping an eye on that bottom line.

4. Lag behind on industry trends

You also want an IT team dedicated to staying current on the latest trends in the industry. The IT field continues to change lightning-fast, and businesses want to remain up to speed. A quality managed services provider can be an excellent asset in this endeavor. They will remain up to date to help you keep your business at the forefront of the industry.

5. Make you overpay for services

Your quality MSP also charges you reasonably for any service you need. These providers don’t waste time looking at the revenue they can bring in during a single month; they focus on the relationships they can grow with clients like you in the long term. They know this relationship, and being a genuine help, is more valuable than getting a few extra dollars out of you here and there.

6. Hesitate to help you grow your business

With the proper IT setup, you can have a partner that will help you work to grow your business. However, poorly managed services providers are not prepared to scale to accommodate your clients or employees.

7. Go over your established budget

You can also trust your MSP to keep within your budget parameters. If they tell you they can accomplish a particular task within your budget, you can trust that they will. You do not have to worry about later learning that they have gone significantly over budget.

8. Be slow to respond to your needs or have poor customer service

The best MSPs know that providing IT services and cybersecurity revolves around relationships and customer service. If you have a question or need to act quickly because of a cyberthreat, you want to trust that your provider is ready to take your call and address your concerns.

9. Avoid communication with you unless your bills are due

With a services provider that actively wants to build a relationship with you, you can trust that they will also readily communicate. They answer your questions, help you understand the actions they take with your IT network, provide help and support for your systems and actively help you get the most out of your system. Disengaged providers who do not prioritize the well-being of your company will be a challenge for you to get on the phone. Unless your bills are due, they are not available to communicate.

10. Not having a plan in place for disasters

Every IT provider understands the importance of backups in case of a disaster. Backups and disaster recovery are critical parts of cybersecurity. If an attacker gains access to your system, these preparations help you save more of your data and get you back online even faster.

If you encounter an MSP who cannot clearly articulate their disaster plan, that will likely not serve you well. Always verify what they will do in case of an emergency.

See What Managed Services Can do for You

Companies ready to take their IT to the next level should consider if managed services work for them. If you are ready to see what a quality managed services provider can offer you, reach out to us at RTCS now. We will look at your situation and help you see how working with a quality MSP can help you take your business further. Contact us today.

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