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Hesitant About Cloud Migration? How Cloud Assessments Help

If you are not sure how the cloud would help your organization, a cloud assessment is a critical step to help you make a thoughtful, thorough decision. This process will assess your current environment and help you determine the best path forward.

Cloud assessments benefit businesses that want to see if the cloud works for them as well as those who already know they want to move to the cloud. Here is what you should know about this process.

Why it’s important for businesses to get a cloud assessment

A cloud assessment lets you know exactly how a cloud migration project will fit into your business environment. With the cloud readiness assessment, you uncover the potential benefits your business will receive, such as outdated hardware that can be more economically replaced by transitioning to the cloud. Other companies see clear advantages such as increased productivity, improved data recovery, and even getting businesses back up and running faster in case of a data breach.

Many businesses approach a potential shift towards the cloud with a “what if” perspective. They want to know what they will get from a cloud-based structure and what might go wrong. Sometimes they feel nervous about the change or do not see how it will offer an advantage to their business. If this sounds familiar, then it is vital to know the value of a cloud assessment.

With the assessment, we will take all the information you have heard about the cloud and clarify exactly how that pertains to your business. The evaluation will break down the economics of the decision, the security of the decision and how the decision will impact your productivity.

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RTCS’ cloud assessment process

When you do a cloud assessment with RTCS, we will do a deep dive into your current environment. We will look at how everything is set up and structured within your business and how that would translate to the cloud. We will combine the insight we gather from looking directly at your business and what we learn from speaking with you about your requirements to put together a package. This package will help you see how the cloud can benefit your business and what you can expect if you decide to transition as an organization.

The amount of time we will need to complete this process will depend on various factors, including how many follow-up questions we need to ask you as we evaluate your system and your needs. Typically, you can expect that the process will take  five business days at most.

Common Misconceptions About Cloud Migration

As we start to discuss the cloud, we often find that many people have misconceptions about what the cloud entails and what it offers their business. They hear the term ”cloud” and automatically think ”internet.” They wonder why they would want to put their information  online and worry about it being easier to hack out there and whether they would have enough control over the data when it is not on servers in front of them.

With a cloud assessment, people gain additional insight into the value of the cloud, including the security it offers and its economical features. For example, your examination will help you understand the potential savings from not having to update or maintain hardware and servers. It will help you and your business leaders better understand the cloud’s role in modern businesses.

How to Proceed After Your Cloud Assessment

If you have completed the cloud readiness assessment and want to move forward, RTCS will work closely with you to scope out what we need to set up in a cloud structure that captures what you need out of the system, while helping you maximize productivity and minimize costs.

When it comes to cloud migration, we minimize your downtime and get you online with the new system as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. We will walk you through the process step-by-step so you know exactly what to expect as you move forward with the cloud migration.

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