How does Exchange Online Benefit Your Cybersecurity Footprint?

When it comes to cybersecurity best practices, there is an important product that businesses can utilize: Exchange Online. Email is one of the fundamental parts of operating a business in the modern era. However, companies that operate their own exchange servers often expend tremendous effort to run the email platform and it is not even the most secure option available.

Here is what we want businesses to know about Exchange Online and what it can offer interested clients.

What is Exchange Online?

Exchange Online is Microsoft’s cloud offering for email as part of the Microsoft 365 solution. Any business that operates its own exchange server can migrate its email to Exchange Online. Once this is complete, Microsoft will manage all the platforms’ associated tasks, including any updates. The email itself, however, remains unique to your business.

How does Exchange Online Benefit Your Cybersecurity posture?

From a cybersecurity perspective, Exchange Online offers businesses many benefits. Migrating your email to Exchange Online removes the physical footprint from your email infrastructure. If someone attacks your internal infrastructure, they will be unable to directly attack your Exchange Online environment if it is implemented correctly. This is a welcome added protection from downtime, permanent loss of emails, and the headaches that come with this.

You also know that Microsoft automatically updates Exchange Online, eliminating your constant worry about updating your email server to ensure that any potential security concerns are patched. Zero-day exploits will no longer be a concern to you.

On-premise Exchange Servers can be hard to manage because you need to think about managing multiple databases, tracking your backups, and staying on top of server updates. When you use Exchange Online, these concerns disappear. You can hand these tasks and the hours they require to someone else. Microsoft also includes its own security capabilities as part of the Microsoft 365 platform with your email, including spam filtering, anti-malware and data loss prevention.

Other benefits of Exchange Online

Of course, the benefits associated with Exchange Online extend beyond the cybersecurity advantages. It can also help remove the downtime businesses might have otherwise experienced when running upgrades in the past.

Your stress levels should also decrease because of the outside help managing the exchange. If you hear about hackers trying to target exchange servers, that threat will no longer apply to you. You can trust Microsoft to manage the security and updates to keep you secure and online.

What Types of Businesses Should use Exchange Online?

One of the chief benefits of Exchange Online is that it works for any business that hosts its own exchange server. It will work effectively, regardless of business size and industry.

While essentially there are no downsides to adopting Exchange Online, businesses should ensure they have someone on their team who can help implement and manage it. Working with a third-party provider, like RTCS, or someone in-house can empower businesses to run Exchange Online successfully. Exchange Online is also offered as a part of Microsoft 365, with the pricing being relatively consistent regardless of business size.

How RTCS gets Clients Set up with Exchange Online

For clients ready to transition to Exchange Online, RTCS can help them move while minimizing the impact on the business. We work to make the switch as smooth as possible so that your employees notice little disruption and your business can operate normally.

Specifically, we follow these steps:

1. We get to know your current infrastructure and how you use your systems.

2. We map out how you want your newly implemented system to operate regarding workflow and integrations.

3. We use Microsoft-certified professionals on our teams to implement best practices for your type of infrastructure, ensuring that Exchange Online and Microsoft 365 are properly implemented in your environment.

4. We provide clients with a roadmap of what needs to be done. We explore how we can space events out to make the transition seamless.

Once we have you up on Microsoft 365, we can also help with the management expertise you may need, so you get the full range of benefits from all your Microsoft products.

What Our Clients Have Experienced

One of our clients have experienced tremendous benefits from their transition to Exchange Online. This particular client not only wanted to migrate to the cloud but also wanted to increase its security footprint. They were also looking to implement multi-factor authentication of (MFA) for access to their email.

We helped them transition to Exchange Online because the Microsoft 365 has built-in MFA. We helped the client save a lot of money because they didn’t need a separate service for the additional security measures, including spam filtering and they got all the benefits of working with Exchange Online.

Work with RTCS to Improve Your Cybersecurity Footprint

At RTCS, we are here to help you improve your cybersecurity footprint, including taking advantage of products such as Microsoft 365. If you are ready to enhance your cybersecurity setup, contact RTCS today. We look forward to working with you.

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