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RTCS’ Cloud Migration Services vs. the Big Players – We Bring More Value

At Rethinking Consulting Services (RTCS), we love to work with clients to provide everything they need to harness technology to facilitate business growth. From upgrading hardware and software to cloud migration services, the IT support we offer is genuinely customized for every client – a service that many larger MSPs cannot provide.

Whether you’re looking for a partner in cloud migration or cloud management, our team is prepared to take on any challenge on your behalf. While we may be smaller than some of the larger regional or national MSPs, we can offer a level of service that they simply cannot provide.

Why Partner with RTCS Cloud Migration Services vs. Larger MSPs?

Deciding to migrate to the cloud is never something that companies take lightly. We understand how challenging it can be to move forward with this plan, especially if you’re unsure where to turn for help. That’s where we come in.

The service that we offer is always geared towards the needs of our customers. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, we aim to provide every new client with an experience customized to their needs.

Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from larger MSPs.

Wide breadth of experience

We work hard to keep our team agile, hiring only IT experts who are experienced in many different areas. This allows us to provide clients with a wide breadth of knowledge that can be used to facilitate a

straightforward cloud migration. If you can think of it, chances are we’ve already seen it. We take pride in using our experience to ensure your success.

Customized approach

Instead of offering clients an approach that’s based on our preferences or capabilities, we strive to provide services that are entirely personalized to their needs. To help facilitate this customized approach, we bring on experts to every account based on the needs of our clients.

Personal touch

In addition to bringing on experts to each account based on the client’s needs, we assign every client a dedicated customer success manager. This helps offer a personal touch to every account and ensures we can better understand your needs, priorities and preferences.

More nimble

Since we’re a smaller, more agile cloud migration services provider, it’s easier for our team to provide ongoing flexibility. This makes it easier to scale up or down as your needs change, ensuring you’re never dealing with inadequate or unnecessary tools or technologies you won’t use.

Thinking of Going Directly Through the Provider?

Another popular approach to cloud migration is going directly through a provider like AWS, Azure or Google. While many businesses feel they can handle their own cloud migration in-house while working directly with their chosen provider, we don’t recommend this approach.

While these providers offer excellent service, they will not provide custom solutions. This leaves clients responsible for almost every aspect of their cloud migration or cloud management – including when something goes wrong.

Understanding the RTCS Cloud Migration Process

Want to know how our cloud migration process works?

Step 1: Evaluation

We learn as much as possible about your business and your goals for cloud migration.

Step 2: Discussion of Requirements

Once we know your goals, we’ll sit down and talk you through the requirements and the process. Following this step, you’ll clearly understand what to expect once the migration is complete.

Step 3: Scope and Proposal

A thorough understanding of your goals allows us to scope the project accurately and offer an in-depth proposal. At this phase, we’ll outline each step, what to expect, and explain how we’ll minimize the impact on your productivity.

Step 4: Execution

We work with your teams to execute your planned cloud migration.

Custom Cloud Migration and Cloud Management from RTCS

Without a great partner for your cloud migration, it’s easy for businesses to face serious consequences ranging from unexpected downtime to irreversible data loss. Instead of dealing with these challenges alone, you deserve a partner who can customize an approach that suits your needs.

RTCS cloud migration services provide a customized process that’s entirely based on your needs and budget. Using our team of experts, we work closely with your in-house team to develop a unique solution that provides reliable service without breaking the bank.

Want to learn more about our process? Get in touch with us today to explore our customized approach to cloud migration.

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