Disaster Recovery

An Experienced MSP: Your Emergency Disaster Recovery Team

Managed IT can make all the difference in navigating cybersecurity attacks and disaster recovery. If cybercriminals go after your business, you want the IT support you need at your fingertips to get your business back online and running as quickly as possible. You need to work with experienced, thorough disaster recovery experts. You need RCTS.

A Team of Experts That has Your Back in an Instant

Whenever you face any type of emergency, you know that you want experienced professionals there to help you. That same factor applies to disaster recovery and cybersecurity.

The experienced team from RTCS that shows up to help you has seen it all. Our company is not an organization that knows a particular product or has worked on a specific set of cybersecurity attacks. Instead, the team is composed of various subject matter experts, all with different perspectives and experiences.

Disasters bring chaos. You have many moving parts to juggle as the team works to not only stop the attack but also uncover the depth of the problem and restore your systems to get back online. Experience makes the team efficient and brings unique skills that professionals can only learn in the field. If you want your servers back online quickly, you want the team with this level of experience on your case.

What happens to companies without disaster recovery plans in place?

Not having a disaster recovery plan in place is a costly mistake. As a child, you likely had it drilled into you that if you experienced an emergency, you needed to call 911. You knew to get out of the house if there was a fire. In other words, you had a plan. You knew who you would call and what you would do.

If your company faces a cybersecurity attack and needs disaster recovery, lack of a plan will set you back hours, days or potentially weeks. After the attack, you will spend the initial time just determining who you need to call.

Disaster recovery planning will ensure you know what to do so that RTCS can start your recovery faster. A plan means less downtime and a faster resolution for you.

Real-life client disaster recovery story

Consider what happened with a client of ours. The group in question was a global company but they had outlined a thorough disaster recovery plan. They knew where their backups were, what needed to be done and what needed to be rebuilt to get themselves back online as quickly as possible. This foreknowledge meant they were already leaps and bounds ahead of many of our other clients. Despite their size, their planning meant that we got them back up and running significantly faster than other companies. Their planning set them up for success when facing a cyberattack.

How RTCS Helps with Disaster Recovery

When you work with RTCS, you will have a personalized experience. We tailor the services we provide for each client because we know that every company is different, which means the protection you need and the disaster recovery plan you require will also differ. We are going to be your partner, not just another vendor. We provide clients with a range of services, including setting up their disaster recovery plans if needed.

Our recovery experts have expertise not only in disaster recovery but also infrastructure and data centers. They know these systems inside and out, which means they bring a robust skillset to our clients. When looking at a disaster recovery project, their insight empowers them to achieve their objective faster and more efficiently.

We have tremendous experience witnessing worst-case scenarios and cyberattacks. After watching companies go through these situations, we go the extra mile to protect our clients. We have backups on top of backups, some off-site and others are on-site. Our clients can trust us to provide layers of protection that they will not experience with other managed service providers.

Your Experienced Managed IT Partner for Success

When it comes to disaster recovery, you want to work with a team you can trust to get you back online as quickly as possible. With RTCS, you can trust that we will help you navigate your recovery faster than most other managed service providers. If you are ready to see what our services can do for you, reach out to our team now.

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