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Optimize Your Service Desk = Optimize Your Business

When you require IT assistance, you need to know that your service desk is ready to help you as quickly as possible. Having a team that can correct your IT issues and gets your business back online is one of the most valuable assets you can have at your disposal. This minimizes your downtime and makes sure your business stays productive.

The secret to this success is an optimized service desk. Let’s explore this further.

How Does an Optimized Service Desk Help Me?

If something stops working, you need an IT service desk to help you immediately, and optimized service makes that happen. Our streamlined processes mean our clients get the assistance they need and expect promptly. Our customers know that when we work with them, we have their needs top of mind. We optimize our service by focusing on multiple levels of solutions. We have strict internal escalation protocols, and design our solutions that keep your specific business needs in mind. One-size-fits-all solutions do not work for every environment and we keep that in mind.

Why should I worry about an optimized IT help desk?

If your IT issues are not resolved on time, it can create a domino effect. The longer your business doesn’t function correctly, the more you lose productivity. Reduced productivity can also lead to lost revenue. If there is something that keeps your employees from doing their jobs, you want it rectified immediately. At RTCS, we operate on an agreed up SLA to resolve issues. We understand the importance of maintaining productivity and are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service.

The Difference an Optimized Service Desk Makes

When your IT support is optimized, you do not have to worry about being asked excessive, frustrating questions that draw out the problem and slow down the progress towards a solution. Uncovering the source of the issue is our job. We only ask you the questions we need to zoom in on the problem and determine what we need to do to fix it. Most service providers rely heavily on a script when assisting you. Our engineers focus on understanding your environment and ask only what is necessary. Altogether, this means less frustration for you and faster service from us.

What might happen to a company if it doesn’t optimize its service desk operations?

Failing to optimize your service desk operations can significantly increase the amount of downtime you experience. The impact of this downtime can also range from annoyance to experiencing a loss of profit. You might also see spiraling effects from your employees. It can easily chip away at morale if they cannot regularly access the systems that let them do their work. Employees stop caring as much about their jobs, assuming that the systems probably aren’t working anyway.

How RTCS Optimizes the Service Desk

At RTCS, we are always looking to optimize our service desk operations from end to end. Not only do we manage your needs quickly, but we also carefully document everything we do for you. Our clients get monthly reports on the problem tickets we resolve, even if the issue was as minor as changing apower supply. Our monthly reporting can help us find patterns in the problems that arise so that we can suggest solutions that will prevent the same problems from happening in the future. Many businesses will say they offer 24/7 support but do not offer quick response times . If you need onsite help, they claim someone can come by in a day or two, which means your systems are down for those days. Or you might struggle to get help in the middle of the night. At RTCS, our customers know that we always have their backs and will get them back online with genuine around-the-clock support.

How RTCS beats out the competition when it comes to service desk support

At RTCS, we stand out from the other managed service providers because of our thorough optimization process. We promise you that we will never try to upsell. When issues arise, we offer suggestions and advice but will never try to persuade you to buy something. Our support shines through everything we do. Our leveled system, around-the-clock support and system of monthly reporting on problem tickets to our customers help us stay on top of everything. We find more opportunities to make system upgrades and repairs to prevent issues from happening and dedicate ourselves to customer support. If you need someone onsite to help with a problem, they will be at your service right away — not tomorrow or the next day.

How we help clients optimize their service desk operations

When you hire us to optimize your service desk operations, we always start by analyzing your current IT environment. In the world of IT and support, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our efforts to understand your business will help us provide better service and better advice moving forward. The key to our success is our people. Our employees are responsive, professional and knowledgeable. In this field, having the right people at the company is critical. We empower our team members to make decisions based on what is good for the company and client because we know we can trust them. As you move into your relationship with us, you will find that we will even freely make suggestions about services that we do not provide and will help you find a provider that does. Our chief concern is our customer service.

Tap Into the Potential of an Optimized Service Desk

If you are ready to see what an optimized service desk can do for your business, reach out to us today. We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about how we can serve you.

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