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Accelerate Business Growth with Managed IT Services.

RTCS provides years-long expertise, reliable and fast service, and a strong commitment to helping you achieve your business goals. Our Managed Services options are flexible, built to suit your specific requirements and environments, and our team of experienced professionals is highly responsive, ready to assist when and where you need us. 

Managed IT support


Collaboration is largely based on effective communication, and we make sure to personalize communications according to your preferred channels, frequency, and level of detail. 


KPIs vary from organization to organization. We consider the success measures that matter to you and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Consistent and Comprehensive Reporting

Our service includes comprehensive reporting delivered on a mutually agreed-upon schedule, detailing our team's performance and the current state of your IT infrastructure.

Quarterly Upgrades
in Service

Every quarter, depending on the needs of your organization, you have the option to subscribe to additional RTCS Managed Services components.

Extensive Information Transfer

We employ practical methods of transferring information—whether through monthly reports, detailed guides, training and knowledge refreshes, daily standups, and status updates. Our guiding principle is that whatever we know about your IT infrastructure is knowledge you should also possess.

Adaptability in Cooperation Models

You can add or remove specific Managed Services components to our service agreement. Also, our work only begins once you’ve signed off on the methods, strategies, technologies, and tools we intend to implement throughout the duration of the project. 


We continuously monitor your IT infrastructure to identify security threats and maintain control over the devices, applications, and network resources employees, customers, and other stakeholders use. 


We keep your servers, endpoints, and applications up-to-date by installing hotfixes or critical updates according to previously defined rulesets and schedules.


We are there when you require assistance, whether to support your projects from beginning to end or only when needed.

Service Administration Function

We perform ITSM functions to deliver IT services that are repeatable, scalable, and meet end-user expectations.

Keep your applications and networks secure with an advanced suite of cybersecurity solutions and services.

RTCS’ cybersecurity services offer a comprehensive, defense-in-depth approach to information security. Our services are designed to protect your organization’s applications, networks, and data from all forms of cyber attacks. We bring value to clients by helping them secure their information assets, comply with regulatory requirements, and mitigate the risks associated with doing business in today’s dynamic digital world.

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, we have the experience and expertise to tailor a security solution that meets your unique needs. Our cybersecurity services include:

Cybersecurity Services


As a critical first step, detection involves the use of advanced security technologies and processes to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. This includes continuous monitoring of your network for signs of intrusion or malicious activity, as well as regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing.


Once a potential threat or vulnerability has been detected, it must be validated to ensure that it is indeed a genuine risk. This process includes verifying the source and intent of the threat, as well as assessing the potential impact on your organization, allowing for quick and decisive action to be taken.


After a threat or vulnerability has been validated, it is important to report the findings to the appropriate parties. This includes internal stakeholders, such as your incident response team, and external agencies, such as law enforcement or the relevant regulatory bodies.


The final step in our methodology is to develop and implement an effective response plan. This plan will be tailored to the specific threat or vulnerability and will take into account the potential impact on your organization. It is important to have a well-defined and rehearsed response plan in place so that you can quickly and efficiently resolve any incidents.

Improve Your Business' Efficiency and Productivity With RTCS' Cloud Services.

As your business scales, so do its IT needs. RTCS provides comprehensive Cloud services to help you overcome these challenges and improve your business efficiency. We take a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure while helping you get the most out of everything the cloud has to offer.

Cloud computing gives businesses the ability to scale their IT resources on demand and only pay for what they use. This can result in considerable cost savings, as businesses no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software upfront. In addition, cloud-based services are often more reliable and secure than on-premise solutions, as they benefit from the economies of scale and security measures employed.

RTCS can help you unlock the full potential of cloud computing and take your business to the next level. We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services that are designed to improve your business efficiency and productivity now and in the future.

Cloud Services
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