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6 Powerful Benefits of Utilizing SOC Services from an MSSP

The cost of a cyber breach is at an all-time high. In the United States, the average breach cost companies $4.45 million in 2023. And, in the financial services industry, the average annualized cost of cybercrime globally is a whopping $18.28 million – the highest of any industry. Companies need to take steps to reduce the risk of a cyberattack on their data. Combining SOC services with an MSSP can strengthen cybersecurity, lower liabilities, and provide much-needed access to solutions that support the organization’s operations. Keep reading to discover just how much your company stands to benefit from combining SOC and MSSP.


What is an MSSP? What is SOC?

By working with an MSSP and SOC provider, you can reap the benefits of both worlds. However, let’s review the differences first.

An MSSP, or managed security service provider, is a company that offers outsourced security services to organizations. They are often confused with MSPs, which, while similar, tend to concentrate more on maintaining and optimizing IT. MSSPs focus on cybersecurity.

A SOC, or security operations center, is a team that is dedicated to monitoring a company’s network, investigating any potential security incidents, and taking action to remedy any cyberattacks. Therefore, an MSSP who offers SOC services can provide strategies that elevate a company’s cybersecurity.


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6 Advantages You’ll Gain from SOC Services and Partnering with an MSSP

By working with an MSSP that provides SOC services, companies can benefit from a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity coverage. Here are 6 you can take advantage of:


1. Improved Threat Detection and Incident Response

With real-time monitoring and analysis, your MSSP quickly responds to any threats that could be attacking your systems. Faster incident response times mean the cyberattack is less likely to succeed, and any affected systems can be quickly quarantined and secured.


2. Access to Expert Managed SOC Services and Strategies

MSSPs and SOC services allow you to have access to expert-level consultations and strategy. Your organization is partnered with skilled security professionals that offer a diverse set of skills and experience.


3. Reduced Dwell Time

Proactive threat hunting ensures your security center is regularly searching for emerging threats and vulnerabilities. By limiting the amount of time these threats can spend around your systems (known as dwell time), organizations can lower the chances of an attack and prevent successful breaches.


4. Continuous Cybersecurity Services and Support

MSSPs and SOC providers offer 24/7 monitoring and support. Around-the-clock protection ensures a prompt response to any security incidents, as well as questions and concerns that may arise from your team.


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5. Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits is the cost-effectiveness of combining an MSSP with SOC services. By utilizing an in-house managed SOC, companies only pay for the services they need, based on their unique requirements.


6. Improved Approach to Compliance

By opting for a SOC through an MSSP, your organization can improve your approach to meeting industry-specific regulations. SOC services can provide the necessary audit trails and reports you need to prove compliance.

Is it Time to Partner With an MSSP and SOC Provider?

If your organization is looking to boost your cybersecurity resilience and overall strategy, work with an MSSP who offers managed SOC services like RTCS. From improved threat detection and reaction time to the expertise that comes from an in-house SOC, companies can truly benefit from the cost savings, improved security, and reporting that our solutions offer.

RTCS provides an all-encompassing, layered strategy to cybersecurity, ensuring your organization’s applications, networks, and data remain protected against cyberthreats. Our goal is to bolster your information security, align with regulatory standards, and diminish the risks of navigating the technical world.

No matter the scale or sector of your organization, our seasoned expertise allows us to craft a security solution precisely tailored to your specific requirements. We have a reputation for taking our clients’ security and operations seriously, so you can rest assured that you are working with the right MSSP for the job.


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